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Your complete care practice starts here

Dawson Academy India

For dentists wishing to achieve predictable success, our dental courses in the core curriculum will set you on the path of becoming a “physician of the masticatory system.” The graphic below is the recommended course plan for The Dawson Academy’s core curriculum for dentists.

We urge you to do what over 40,000 of your fellow dental professionals have already done. Come join us and start your journey along this proven path to success.

Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design

This dental seminar is the recommended first step in our dental seminars continuing education. As the foundational seminar in the “Concept of Complete Dentistry® Series,” you will learn the timeless message that good, esthetic and complete dentistry must begin with a thorough understanding of dental occlusion and the functions of the masticatory system.

The cornerstone of The Dawson Academy philosophy is a comprehensive understanding of how the TM joint, muscles, proprioceptive input, lower anterior teeth, upper anterior teeth, lower posterior teeth and upper posterior teeth are designed to function in harmony with one another.

Regardless of the latest trends in techniques or materials, these principles will remain the foundation of quality and complete dentistry. You will gain an insight and understanding that will change not only how you practice, but your enjoyment of the practice, as well.