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The Dawson Academy India is a postgraduate educational facility dedicated to the advancement of Dentistry. All our instructors are practicing dental professionals who have implemented the Dawson Academy teachings into their own practices.

Our curriculum is designed to support those doctors striving to be physicians of the masticatory system. The Dawson Academy team are devoted to coaching, supporting and encouraging you on the journey to practice master, quality, complete dentistry. It is our hope and commitment that we provide each one of you with the skills necessary to confidently solve your patients’ problems, thereby enabling you to love dentistry and lead a happy, balanced life.

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The knowledge gained, and the skills and techniques acquired as a member of The Dawson Academy Community of Learning, are validated not only by extensive, published research, but also by the lasting results achieved by our faculty and students for over 50 years.

Our goal is to deliver pure dental education at its highest level – We love what we do.


Raj Upadya, DMD
Director of the Dawson Academy India

Saphal Shetty, MDS
Co-Director of the Dawson Academy India

Sapna Shetty, BDS
Course Coordinator, Dawson Academy India

Peter Dawson, DDS, Founder of The Dawson Academy
John Cranham, DDS, Clinical Director, The Dawson Academy
Joan Forrest, President & CEO, Dawson Academy