Esthetic Foundations 1 – Restoring Anterior Teeth

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About this Dental Education Course

This hands-on, postgraduate dental training course assists dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry in accomplishing anterior restorative procedures at their highest level. Through the use of lecture, clinical videos, and hands-on exercises the restorative dentist will develop the confidence in diagnosis, material selection, preparation design and the creation of key indices to insure predictability in delivering exquisite anterior restorations.

Instructors provide key concepts in the single most important step in insuring predictability in indirect restoration, creating exquisite prototypes. Special emphasis is placed on contouring the provisional restoration, and why this is key to long-term functional and esthetic success in every case you perform.

Course Information

Course Date: November 9-11,2017
CE Credits : 15
Location: Confident Dental Care, Bangalore India
Tuition Fee INR 2,35,000

Learning Objectives

    • Understand the key concepts of Smile Design relative to Global, Macro and Micro criteria and their assessment related to function and phonetics


    • Develop the skill in creating a “Dental Blue” that will enable the production of key indices and stents that will facilitate preparation and provisonalization


    • Understand the fluid concepts of preparation design as it relates to functional needs, esthetics and the parameters of new materials.


    • Learn an effective and efficient Provisionalization technique


    • Understand the key elements related to the assessment of the prototypes to insure predictability in the final restorations


    • Learn the key elements in laboratory communication to insure a predictable result


    Understanding the concepts of adhesion and the clinical protocol in the luting of final restorations